The Hellenic Society of Medicinal Chemistry (HSMC) supports the  publication of the scientific journal ‘Pharmakeftiki   .

The publication  of the scientific journal ‘Pharmakeftiki’   started in  1987, within the Hellenic Society of Medicinal Chemistry. Later however, it followed an independent pathway as a quarterly edition on pharmaceutical sciences’ topics ,  always supported by HSMC and recently also by the Hellenic Pharmaceutical Society (HPS). s Since  2012 ‘Pharmakeftiki’  is published both as hard copy and on line as an open access journal .

The journal ‘Pharmakeftiki’   hosts review and research articles addressing all pharmaceutical topics and relevant scientific areas and promotes information on technological achievements and scientific events.

Articles are published after peer-review in both English and Greek language –in the latter case an extended English abstract is required. Articles published in ‘Pharmakeftiki’ are indexed in CHEMICAL ABSTRACTS, EMΒASE”, SCOPUS  and EBSCO

The electronic version of ‘Pharmakeftiki’ is accessible in the website of HSMC ( and of HPS


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